16 inch custom carved clock for the bass fishing circuit we sponsor. One of the owners of Bad Bass Champs asked me do design a special gift for them to give out to anyone in our circuit that does something truly special. This is what I came up with - and they loved it!

Here is a Hickory mantel clock I designed for Bad Bass Champs who gave this to a special person for the fishing circuit. As usual with my outdoor items it is solid hickory.

Here is a solid RUSTIC HICKORY FLOATING entertainment center with matching floating shelves. This unit is about 7' long, 16" tall and 15" deep. The doors have soft closing hinges and inside has a removable back wall to access the components plugs and wires while hiding them when it is open. This was designed and installed for Trudy, my one of my largest repeat clients. Thanks again Trudy!

Another solid Hickory project for my largest taxidermy client. This custom designed box covers their wall A/C unit when not in use. By utilizing a French Cleat hanging system, they can easily remove it when they want.

Solid Cherry Vanity and matching Linen Closet with full overlay doors and drawers.

Solid Cherry vanity and matching Linen Closet. This is HUGE!  Vanity is 5 1/2 ft long. The linen closet is 8 ft tall. Solid marble top adds a warmer tone to the already warn tone of the finish on the cherry lumber.

Solid Oak Bath Vanity.

6 deep functioning drawers. Two tall doors providing easy access under the sink. Solid Marble top provides the perfect complement to the dark stain of the Oak.

Notice the side panel is a raised panel - no plain flat panels to be seen.

Tournament Trophies!

Bad Bass Champs, LLC in the Akron area of Ohio

BBC commissioned Simply Different Woodworking, LLC to design and make the trophies for the 2014 season. Below in one tournament worth of trophies. The total order was for 44 trophies.

The 1st Place trophies are 10" x 12", 2nd Place and Big Bass are 8" x 10" and 3rd Place are 6" x 8". There are also two 10" x 12" trophies for the season Points Champs.

BBC's logo was carved at the top with a jumping bass scene and the date and location of the tournament framed in a simple accent border. The trophies are made of solid Hickory like most of our outdoor themed projects are.

Two Hearts Beating as One

Custom designed "Wedding Guest Book".  The one in the picture is SOLID CHERRY, medium cherry stain with 3 coats of clear lacquer. It is approximately 22" wide, 23" tall and has two keyhole slots in the back to allow it to be hung on a wall.

Classic Solid Oak!

Nothing stands the test of time like classic solid oak furniture. This classic coffee table is stained a golden oak to enhance oak's natural beauty without changing its look. Measuring in at 44" x 18" x 17" featuring 4 spiral columns made right here at Simply Different Woodworking, LLC in Navarre, OH.

We NEVER put prefabricated wood parts in our work. ALL of it is made by us with lumber from local mills.

  Western Themed Solid Maple Coffee Table.

This dark stained coffee table was commissioned for a the client's wife who participates in Cowboy Mounted Action Shooting. It features a female riders with single action revolvers carved on either side of her.

It is 18" x 42" x 17" which also features tapered - modified twisted rope design legs. As usual, this table was made entirely in my shop in Navarre, OH.

Custom Design Kitchen Cabinets!


The client commissioned me to design a build the cabinets - unfinished! He put the finish on, made his own counter tops and installed them himself. Simply Different Woodworking, LLC designed and built the cabinets out of white oak. These cabinets feature ALL drawers in the base cabinets and island except for below the sink.


The pantry (not seen in this view" is about 40" wide and goes from the floor to the ceiling. The corner cabinet is a lazy-susan design. All drawers feature soft close, self closing slides. The upper cabinets have a soft close feature as well.

Custom Designed Coat Rack!

Here is a custom design coat rack for a client in Missouri. It is a little over 6 ft long and 13 1/2 inches tall. Notice how the grain of the solid black walnut flows and enhances the feel of the western ranch theme with the dished out horse carving in the center.

Three coats of a clear pre-catalyzed lacquer should protect this coat rack for years to come.

Welcome to my Custom Work page!


Want a quote on your custom project? Send us an email - sales@simplydifferentwoodworking.com - with the details and let me see what we can do for you!

Custom Ordered

Luther Rose Gift Box

A representative of a local Lutheran Church commissioned me to design and build 40 of these gift boxes. He provided me with the basic concept and I designed it based on what he requested.


His Pastor and congregation LOVED them!!!

Commissioned Work

A client came to me with an unusual request for a gift for his boss.

No being one to back down from interesting projects, I asked him what he had in mind. He sent me a powerpoint drawing of what he was looking for. After several hours working on the design, I kept his design with minor cosmetic changes.

Instead of a straight top, I put a soft curve for visual appeal. I eliminated a hole in the top intended for a way to hang it. I added a keyhole slot in the back for handing purposes.

If you have an idea for a special project, drop me an email and we'll see what we can do.

Creative Woodworking for around your home!

This large plaque was requested as a anniversary gift to her husband. It is solid black walnut from a tree they felled in their back yard. It is 30" wide and 36" tall with "live" edges. The tree has a heart on the trunk with their names and wedding date carved into it. They are also cat enthusiasts so she had me add a cat clawing at the tree trunk.

Wedding "Guest Plaque" Custom designed for my nephew. This is the plaque his guests will be signing at his wedding. An avid outdoorsman, I designed this to fit his lifestyle.

Here is a solid Walnut Octagon pedestal. Designed and crafted for my largest taxidermy client but this same concept can be used for plant stands, end tables or anything else your imagination can conceive.

Two tall custom plant stands. 1 1/2" thick solid Hickory top with black stained legs. The taller stand is 33" tall and the other is 27" tall. These we customer designed and crafted for Trudy, one of my most loyal repeat clients.